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Viktor frá Reykjavík


Viktor is four gaited first prize stallion with great sport results. Viktor is from our breeding. Viktor has very confident and steady character.

Sire Sveinn-Hervar frá Þufu í Landeyjum – first prize and honor prize for offsprings

Conformation 8.06, rideability 8.38, total 8.25

Sveinn-Hervar´s sire Orri frá Þúfu í Landeyjum has first prize and honor prize for offsprings

Dam Fortíð frá Kastalabrekku

Breeding assessment

Conformation 8.31 – 9 for back and croup - 8.5 legs, joints, hooves and mane and tale

Rideability 7.88 – 9 for tölt - 8.5 for gallop, canter, rideability, general impression and slow tölt

Ridden abilities w/o pace 8.40

Total 8.03 / w/o pace 8.37

Sport results

T1 – preliminaries 6.97, final 7.06 (2022)

V1 – preliminaries 6.90, final 6.83 (2022)

T2 - preliminaries 7.47, final 7.42 (2024)

Viktor is triple Finnish Champion (T1, V1 and four gait combination) 2022 and bronze medalist in Nordic Championships (V1 young riders) 2022. Viktor represented Finland in World Championships in Oirschot The Netherlands 2023.

​​​​​Viktor will serve mares at Hirshaga season 2024


Covering fee 500e

Pregnancy fee (90 days) 750e


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