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We are Veera Sirén and Arnór Dan Kristinsson - we work together at Hirshaga and have wide expertise of Icelandic horses. We have experience of working with Icelandic horses in different countries and with the top experts in the sector.

We offer services such as stallions for breeding, training for horses, riding instruction and help finding a new horse or selling one. Get in touch if you are interested in our services!

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Our services.

Stallions for breeding

We offer stallions for breeding. For the season 2024 we have three stallions - Spaði, Birkir and Viktor. Five gaited Spaði frá Skarði is very talented young stallion with great potential for breeding and sport, he has exceptionally even five gaits and kind and trustworthy character. Four gaited Birkir frá Hlemmiskeiði 3 has outstanding pedigree, great breeding assessment and a lot potential for sport. Four gaited Viktor frá Reykjavík has already achieved great sport results along with good breeding assessment.

Horse training

We offer training for Icelandic horses. With wide expertise we develop and educate horses whether they are young horses or already older ones. It´s important for us to develop the horse in sustainable way and always prioritize horse´s wellbeing.

Riding instruction

We offer riding instruction for riders in all levels. We want to help the horse and rider to achieve their goals in positive and supportive way and pay attention to biomechanics.

Horses for sale

We have variable amount of different kind of horses to offer for sale - from riding horses all the way to high level sports horses. Horses we offer for sale are well educated and have good quality gaits. We know wide range of horses for sale abroad.

Would you like to find your new horse or get help selling one, don't hesitate to contact us.

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